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NETSAFA is the U.S. Navy's agent for international education and training. We coordinate training support to international governments and international organizations. As a field activity of the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), we serve as a focal point for all security assistance training program issues, coordination and advice within the U.S. Navy.

On behalf of Captain Mark A. Truluck and Mr. Dave Babcock, welcome to the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity

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SWOS Graduates International Students

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Naval War College graduates first International Maritime Operator's course

  • Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and Defense Seminar Article...  (full story)

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School, US Pacific Command, US Southern Command, and Seventh Fleet Staffs gathered together in Jakarta, Indonesia to help conduct the first of two Maritime Domain Awareness and Defense seminars for an Indonesian interagency audience.

In February 2017 President Joko Widodo signed out Indonesia's new Oceanic Policy, establishing the framework for national efforts to responsibly develop and protect the country's unique archipelagic environment. This week more than fifty Indonesian officials from various government agencies met with US Defense Department representatives to help identify specific Lines of Effort (LOEs) in executing the new policy. At the request of the Indonesian government, NETSAFA staff worked closely with the US Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in Indonesia for more than twelve months to help bring the right US Defense Department representatives together in support of these important events. This included making initial contact with various US learning institutes, synchronizing schedules to establish Site Survey and event dates, bringing SMEs together for numerous phone conferences to develop the US message, and finding resource solutions along the way.

The final seminar is scheduled for August 2017.

NPS Sees Increased Foreign Enrollment in Undersea Warfare Program

NETSAFA Foreign Students Visit Training Service Center, Learning Sites

Navy Strengthens International Relations through Leadership Program


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